Mark Stultz is a musician, photographer, artist, designer and writer living in Nashville, Tennessee.

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His eclectic, low brow slant to creativity and inspiration is urban, timeless, quirky and sometimes desolate and includes an infatuation with sci-fi cowboys, robots, the unity of human nature and the roots of music. He studied both art and engineering in college and has never managed to keep them separate.

Mark’s original instrumental music has appeared in movie soundtracks, PBS shows, MTV reality shows and X Games, corporate commercials and over a dozen globally distributed instrumental music compilations. He is influenced by 50’s/60’s instrumental music, Spanish, Mediterranean and Eastern music and American blues and bluegrass. He plays electric, acoustic and Spanish guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, bass and percussion.

Although he grew up in St Louis, Missouri, he has lived in Mississippi, Texas and North Carolina a wonderful journey that also allowed him to absorb some of the richest musical heritage in America.

Making his living in product engineering, design and development, his creative muse and daily search for inspiration is what truly keeps him going.

He has many unmanifested ideas and creations to work on and feels that his most prolific years are still ahead of him.

Mark has working on work on two “long overdue” simple inspirational books that he is both writing and illustrating.