The Sandblasters is an all instrumental group with three original CD releases and 15 worldwide CD compilation appearances. The music is all original, primarily written by Mark. The sound is big forceful, twangy guitar, tribal pounding drums and melodic, growling bullish, bass runs. The music is influenced by the 60’s California Surf scene, Southwestern Spanish Music, Hot Rods, Spy Themes, Spaghetti Western Films and Eastern and European modal scales.

The bands visual icon has always been a space cowboy armed with a raygun, spaceships and travelling to far away lands and plants of the unknown.

Mark’s goal for the Sandblasters project has always to create dramatic, melody driven music with feeling and rawness, create recordings that are not dated by any sounds. creat music that people can visualize in the minds eye and to that would be perfect for soundtracks. Playing shows and touring has always been a part of the journey, but not the focus. The band is still very much alive even though they do not play live shows together due to the geographical distance between them.

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